Hi! I have been looking for a group to discuss the show cosmic disclosure but have not successfully found one in my area, so I am starting one. The goal of this group is to meet with other like minded individuals in the area, discuss our feelings on the show, any related research as well as discuss how we can encompass practices discussed on the show that aim to help us with the ascension process and clearing our karma.

The meditation section of this group would be a 20 minute meditation devoted to envisioning a peaceful future and positive full disclosure for mother Gaia as a close out to our meeting.

This group will take place in a shaded park somewhere in San Luis Obispo depending on where the energy feels the best for this type of meeting. For comfort, I encourage you to bring a yoga Mat to sit on but I recommend leaving your feet in the grass so you can soak up as many of those negative ions as possible. I’d like this to be an open discussion and sharing group, while I will provide some new insights and topics and lead us in meditation each meeting, I welcome all information, insights, and discussions related to the law of one, cosmic disclosure, mediumship, psychic abilities, positivity, manifestation, General health and well being, as well as a high vibrational diet.

Reasons why I will ask someone to leave: rudeness, mockery, colds, and general aggressive behavior.

Of course we are all allowed to agree to disagree, please remember to disagree in a peaceful and loving manner.

Thank you 🙏